October 3, 2022

Low2NoBev – UK’s only trade fair dedicated to the no and low alcohol sector…

Vinokelly Drinks Recruitment were at the Low2NoBev show last week. Having seen this grown over the years from its early days at The Truman Brewery to its new home at Olympia is a clear sign that this is an incredibly important sector of the Uk Drinks Industry. Also clear is the quality of people this area is attracting, we spoke to a number of respected, experienced and articulate people who have huge belief in what they are doing.

All businesses are currently facing economic challenges but it was interesting to hear of the other regulatory challenges facing this sector that need to be addressed and also the shift in perception about ordering alcohol free options away from “apology serves” to exciting, innovative and real alternatives to drinking alcohol.

The choice to have an alcohol free drink is no longer seen as being boring or abstemious and more about making positive and healthy choices. The same can be said of people looking to move to a career in the Nolo category. We are being asked by candidates from alcoholic drinks backgrounds about how to get into Nolo both as an interesting career move in a growing space but also allowing for a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Vinokelly is looking forward to working with some of these amazing new companies in the near future and the good ones are most definitely here to say, let’s (mindfully) drink to that!

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