September 16, 2022

 To all employers… “Why is it so hard to recruit people at the moment? “ (Spoiler… This may involve you needing to have a chat with a reputable agency, but it may surprise you when you do)

“Crazy”, “unprecedented”, “turbulent”. These are a lot of the words people are using to describe this current period in history – and they’re not wrong.

Recruitment can often be seen as a barometer for what is happening in the market. The UK is reporting its lowest levels of unemployment in almost 50 years with hiring companies and recruitment agencies are reporting record numbers of job vacancies. There are other well reported (and divisive) reasons too but we don’t need to tell you about all those again.

At Vinokelly we are speaking to more people than ever. Clients that have historically done their hiring directly are now a lot more receptive to using (good) agencies like us. On the candidate side there is caution about moving jobs in the current market, but we know and can find the candidates that will move for the right role. Salaries are of course a big part of the decision-making process but other values such as company culture, flexible working and ahealthy view on the work/life balance are big factors too for candidates.

At Vinokelly, we are well-respected, sensibly priced, fast working and work across Wine, Spirits, No- Lo and other drinks. We don’t bite, cold call or pressure sell. We are just normal people with a profound love for the industry and would be delighted to help you hire great people.

So, why is it so hard to recruit people at the moment? – It really doesn’t have to be, just get in touch with us and you might be pleasantly surprised…

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